With the early-years curriculum at its heart, Bertie and Boo's story time is thoughtfully designed to take your little ones on an imaginative magical adventure, bringing stories to life with the use of hilarious puppets, interactive songs and fun music.

Bertie and Boo's story time captures the imaginations of both young and old through the magical world of books; using counting, colours, the weather, nursery rhymes, music and dance as tools to ignite a passion for reading and stories.

Story time is a family show and best enjoyed by babes of 8 months+ up to 5 years of age. 
(Children must be accompanied by an adult)...

Please see below for our current story time timetable. 

Storytime at Northcote Restaurant and play will be replaced by seasonal crafts and activities during school holidays

Story time at Adventure Island- Please note that during the Summer months we will only be performing story time at 10.30am and 4.00pm daily. 

Cost: £1 upgrade (with entry price-£5.50) = £6.50.

Story time at Restaurant and Play

Cost: £3 upgrade (with entry price-£3.50- discounted rate with any meal purchased) = £6.50
During school holidays, seasonal activities and craft time will replace story time at this branch.